Funded Research

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Rowan-Virtua SOM:Rutgers-Camden Migrant Health Initiative Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine New Jersey is one of the top producers of blueberries nationally. Many blueberry farms can be found in South Jersey, including Atlantic County. To support this significant farming effort, a large number of agricultural workers migrate from outside the country to this area on H-2 visas to work the brief blueberry season, which runs locally […]
A Research Investigation to Examine the Factors Impacting Colorectal Screening Rates for Communities of Color in Three Rural Counties in Southern New Jersey Rutgers University- Camden There are more than 20 million Americans eligible for colorectal screenings who have not been screened. The American Cancer Society estimates that colorectal cancers (CRC) will result in the death of 52,550 people in 2023. The incidence of colorectal cancer is highest among Black men & women, and the difference in mortality rate is larger. […]
Community-Partnered Integrated Care (CPIC) for Preventing Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Rowan University CPIC states that inadequate coordination among providers, community advocates, and other stakeholders is a major barrier to preventive care. Prenatal care providers typically shoulder the burden of PMAD risk identification and care linkage. This model is untenable as typically there is inadequate support from mental health professionals to identify and help high-risk patients and community […]
Creating a Culture of Wellness for Bancroft Organization: Supporting Wellness in Group Homes through Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes Rowan University People with disabilities have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, anxiety and cardiovascular risks. These can be reduced by healthier eating, stress management and physical activity. Group home residents need support in each of these areas. We have successfully created, implemented and evaluated nutrition, stress reduction/socialization and activity interventions among adults with disabilities. We learned that […]
Exploring the Mediating Role of Social Determinants of Health in Arterial Stiffness and Sleep Quality among Low-Income Hispanic Adults Rowan University Heart disease is the second leading cause of mortality among Hispanics in the United States, with alarming disparities observed in specific communities. In Cumberland County, New Jersey, where Hispanics represent 33% of the population, making them the second-largest ethnic group, the mortality rate due to coronary heart disease surpasses the state average significantly (174.2 vs. […]
Exploring the Multi-faceted Relationships Between Criminal Justice System Contact and Health Among Camden Residents: A Pilot Study Rutgers University- Camden In the last decade, scholars have increasingly recognized the importance of unpacking the multi-faceted relationships between criminal justice system contact and mental and physical health problems. Traumatic interactions with law enforcement and incarceration experience, for example, harm health. Moreover, health problems (e.g., substance use disorder and other mental health issues) also increase the likelihood of […]
Learning to Eat Like Grandma: A pilot study to address metabolic syndrome, diet quality, food insecurity, and nutrition literacy among older adults living in Multigenerational Households Rowan University Since 1971 the population living in multigenerational households has quadrupled. Multigenerationalhouseholds include at least two generations of adults (aged 18-59, and 60+) and grandchildren younger than age 25. Older adults who have grandchildren in the household experience more food insecurity than those without grandchildren. Grandparents prioritize the child’s nutrition, leaving the grandparent with less food, […]
Smart Parents and Resourceful Kids Sharing Stroke Awareness (SPARKS) program in Camden Cooper University Medical School of Rowan University Physicians and medical students from Cooper Medical School at Rowan University (CMSRU), Nurses and nursing students from Rutgers University Camden, and Schools within the Camden community will be actively engaged in a collaborative network to provide education in schools regarding signs and symptoms of stroke. Currently, Camden is a highly underrepresented minority community consisting of […]