Research Project Summary

We will interview a subset of the survey respondents to understand their lives from childhood to post-firearm injury while soliciting feedback on the development of the pilot survey. We will therefore implement a mixed methods, community-based participatory research design to enable an assessment of quantitative relationships between issues of violence, trauma, and health challenges while also illustrating the nuanced stories of the participants in their own words.

Research Project Goals

Develop and pilot a culturally congruent health survey for Black men injured by firearms in South Jersey.

Research Project Objectives

We offer the following three related research questions to be investigated for this project: 1. How can we develop a comprehensive and culturally congruent health-focused survey to capture the adverse childhood and adult experiences of violently injured Black men in South Jersey? 2. How can documentation of the lived experiences of violently injured Black men inform the development of a survey that focuses on the impacts of violent experiences on health over the life course? 3. What are the necessary survey items to include related to violence exposure and health in a culturally congruent survey that will inform healthcare services and intervention programs to reduce the burden of violence among Black men in South Jersey?