Our values are central to our work


We seek to actively listen, authentically connect and build partnerships that are mutually beneficial to improve health and health equity in the region.


We approach population health and health equity focused data and projects with an open-mind and seek to explore new ideas that will have a sustainable impact.


We believe that southern New Jersey is a unique and valuable place to live and work. Our work focuses on making an impact that is inclusive and lasting.

Seeking collaborative solutions

We believe that by leveraging the work of engaged stakeholders who are focused on research that has direct relevance and benefit for communities of greatest need, we will be able to advance health equity for our region.

Our funding cycles serve the region and provide seed funding to local and regional projects.

Counties Served
Funding Dollars
Projected Projects

Why we are different

The importance of this funding initiative to promote new research and community partnerships in southern New Jersey is exciting! There is a vital need to address health disparities in the region. SJIPH’s research projects will serve as a catalyst to generate ideas, data and impact.

Nicole A. Vaughn, PhD
Founding Co-Lead, Rowan University

This funding helps fulfill the promise of higher education to improve the lives of those they serve. By working together with Rowan University and our community partners, we will improve the health of residents in South Jersey and lay the groundwork for continued partnership well into the future.

Sarah Allred, PhD
Founding Co-Lead, Rutgers University-Camden